Our solution based models (SBM) serve as a blueprint and new type of methodology towards totally wiping out problems, by developing so many possible solutions...


The following is a basic diagram- (as seen on Home Page); a sample model/ outline explaining areas, along with further information to give you a deeper understanding via our PRODUCT DESIGNED TO TAME A CHAOTIC WORLD!!!

Note: All models are color coded to reflect a deeper psychological meaning & expressed purpose. This gives you a better explanation  of other On Da Verg. Org documents.... The sample model (i.e. concerning bullying) was a brief example of a few snipets of information so that you'll get a feel for plugging information into various areas of the model. The model (in & of itself) universally applies to any problematic situation/crisis!

*So many people live in what we call ‘Problem Prisons   ' where they are incarcerated by the elements of their problems, and never understand the need or know-how to go to the CORE ROOT. As we've developed the usage of our models, there was a tremendous need to realize that inside of the CORE ROOT are INTERNAL FACTORS that must be addressed, as all problems are further interrelated to persons ‘3 LIFE DIETS or the 3 ELEMENTS OF LIFESTYLE:

*Spiritual Diet the amount & quality of information and activities one indulges in, as it relates to spiritual sources, material & people, along with things we meditate upon.
*Social Diet the amount & quality of information and activities one indulges in, as it relates to everyday social encounters; academia and acquired skills, etc.
* Physical (Food & Liquid) Diet the amount & quality of food and exercise one indulges in, as it relates to the type of meals, liquids and body exercises one engages in.
  • ATTRIBUTES: Are the characteristics and various forms that the core root Of a problem develops into. We pick at least 4 attributes of a problem.
  • CATEGORIZING ATTRIBUTES:To give it further distinction,   the attributes are isolated specifically in their own category in order to add more relevant info that directly relates to the attribute.   See our full Bully Prevention Model or any other model for full clarity.
  • EXTERNAL FACTORS: Any external element that causes or allows a problem to continue to live,   thrive and fester. Oftentimes we (as people) don't have proper problem solving safeguards in place.
  • STEPS: Clear procedures to follow in eradicating problematic issues. At least 9 steps,   also inclusive of ways to contact resources and agencies (i.e. additional people) to assist in the solution process.
  • FOLLOW-UP: Is the most vital part of this process; It means "To Never Give Up". Phases were you monitor progress, make any necessary adjustments and provide enduring assistance until problem is wiped out.


This product, As A Problem Solving Methodology

Must Be Adhered To In order To Experience It As A Solution...






The current Times of this highly advanced Technology driven world is plagued by Crises after Crisis. The average human being is in a continuous Battle with no less than 3-7 problems around the clock. This means out of approx. 7-10 billion people, nearly every one of them is dealing with a combination of problems. This is probably 100% true. Scientifically speaking we are accustomed to leaving room for a Margin of Error. Though true, look around you right this moment. Where can you find a single person not dealing with problems?  Whether Financial or Family, Health or some Domestic issue, we are all dealing with problems.


The Sad Fact concerning all of this is 99% of all people with problems do not solve their problems, they find ways to AVOID them.


We at ON DA VERG.ORG call this living within a "PROBLEM PRISON". Most of us live confined by the elements connected to our problems. For   Example: Parents who consciously know their children are involved in destructive behavior, find ways   to   AVOID   dealing   with   the Root   Cause   of   the problem. Most find ways to Avoid the issue altogether, many others live in a constant state of denial. The rest just pretend the problem will simply go away, that their child is merely going through a phase. This fact Rings Loud and Clear when we view Low Income Single Parent Homes. Point is "SINGLE PARENT MOTHERS ARE LOCKED DOWN TIGHT WITHIN PROBLEM PRISONS DUE TO THE DAY TO DAY STRUGGLE THEY ENDURE RAISING THEIR CHILDREN, ESPECIALLY THOSE RAISING BLACK OR HISPANIC MALES AGES 12 - 19". We can add White males in the same Income Brackets living in the inner city. In view of these facts it is clear parents are doing Hard Time with no signs of any Parole. The large majority of them will be still taking care of their Grown BOYS when these troubled individuals are 30, 40 even 50 years of age. Generally they'll do this as they're sons do time in a Real State Prison.


Other Problem Prisons include Teen Pregnancy, Gang Activity, and School Campus Bullying. All of which hold their Victims and Participants in a State of hopeless Incarceration. We could even deal with more adult based situations like Divorce, Un-employment, Obesity and Financial Crisises. All Prisons that hold millions of people in Bondage indefinitely. Problems, Problems, Problems!, everywhere we turn. So where are the Solutions?  Sure there are thousands of organizations committed to addressing problems. The hang up with this ''Reality" is, the average person living within the flux of our fast paced society has no idea where to turn for help. It is for this reason                      ON DA VERG .ORG is more effective than traditional Mental and Behavioral Institutions when dealing with problems.

The Psychologist and Solution Experts can only deal with people in crisis, IF and only if people come to them seeking assistance. Therapy is of no use if you cannot get to the people in need to Counsel them. Adding to this most common folk view visiting a therapist as a sign of weakness, or that one is going Crazy or even insane.


ON DA VERG.ORG uses a method that calls together REAL PEOPLE (those who have survived various Crisises i.e. everyday people who overcome everyday problems) to share their experiences with real people suffering within a current crisis situation. The process may eventually lead people to seek out an already established organization, or even a Therapist, but it begins with common people sharing their wisdom concerning a particular problem.





Answer: 3 Words...." SOLUTION BASED MODELS "...


Most people reading this phrase will generally think it means a Problem Solving Tool, Diagram or some sort of Instrument. If not this view, or a view very similar to it will be the conclusion. This is not totally wrong, but at ON DA VERG.ORG “SOLUTION “has more of a Chemical/Physics type of reasoning.


In Chemistry a solution is a mixture of two substances that cannot be mechanically separated. The most common form is Liquid. It may also be found as a Solid or a Gas. In this light we see both the Problem and the Solution as two elements that cannot be mechanically separated. The solution to every problem is locked within the problem itself. It is impossible to separate them.


The word "BASE" for us means the fundamental element, root or point or origin where a solution begins. Finally the word "MODEL" for us not only means- a preliminary representation of something, serving as the plan from which the final, usually larger object is to be constructed. For us it Symbolizes the Image of the entire situation at hand. A Image of the Problematic and ALL activity therein.


A Solution Based Model is a Remedy Tool, a Blue Print that not only guides one to a Solution, but Educates him/her in the process making them able to assist others with their problems in the future. Like a Chemical Solution it has the same Liquid, Gas and Solid type qualities. Liquid being the base   substance, reflects the core   cause or origin of a problem. Its   essence!. The attributes(Characteristics and qualities of a thing) of the problem take on the Gaseous form. Like Gas they expand when effected by heat. Heat in this sense being any activity which broadens the core cause or Root of the problem making it more readable. Lastly we identify" the Solid state in terms of the External Factors i.e. those things in the environment which produced the problem that appear to be unmovable therefore   being Solid. This is our system in its rawest form.


Chronologically speaking we do the following:


  1. First we gather data from the individual complaining about a specific problem, or a group of people who have come to us to provide solutions to a specific problem. This gives us the Core Cause or Root Origin of the We can see it clearly.
  2. We then begin to assign and organize the ATTRIBUTES of the problem. This means we extract the relevant characteristics and qualities from its core, we can now see the problem in its active state. Who it affects, why and its source of power.
  3. We now Identify the External factors. Basically we look at the environment that spawned the problem. All people, places and things that allow the problem to thrive and exist.
  4. We now Categorize all of this grouping, the Attributes and External Factors in way that gives each element of the Problem its own space to be concentrated on. This begins the steps required to resolve the problem.
  5. We then draft a system of no less than 10 steps that will be use to terminate the problem. We call it OVERWHELMING A PROBLEM WITH SO MANY POSSIBLE SOLUTIONS IT HAS NO CHANCE TO SURVIVE... Within these Steps we'll use Tools (books, Questionnaires, people etc.) and direct the person in crisis to the proper agencies and organizations established to deal with their specific problems. If it is an emergency situation we have CRISIS RESPONSE TEAMS standing by who are trained on how to approach various problems. We also have Pre-arranged agreements with the community Law Enforcement Agencies and Medical Institutions.
  6. Once the problem has been brought under control we personally do follow up exercises to assure the problem doesnot  re-occur.   PLEASE SEE BULLY MODEL PG. this is the ON DA VERG.ORG'S way of addressing problems.


This is the future of Conflict Resolution, and Crisis Management.  Real Life Crisis Survivors giving the Truth on the methods they used to over-come problems.



We at ON DA VERG.ORG LIKE TO SAY THE #1 Job in America is working with "OUR YOUTH". We overcame, now we want to help others do so as well. Please Support us!!!. Daily we are losing our Youth!   Thank you from the ONDAVERG.ORG solution based family. 

Malisha Crump,ED