"..in all cultures and walks of life, we notice how ironic it is for adults to deeply desire and search for THE FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH, but are not fully engaged in works that truly include our Youth!  To truly experience the overflowing life and love of youthfulness and The Foutain Of It, we must effectively tend to our Youth (inwardly and outwardly).."


    We at ODV challenge ourselves to realize, that in America and the world abroad, our #1 job (in demand) is our YOUTH!  We love our youth, we understand them and our work is designed to help them activate true greatness and produce whole success!


     Far too often, people have strongly miscategorized and labeled our youth the wrong way: stuff like 'At Risk', 'High Risk', 'Troubled Youth', Deviant, Errants, Juvenile Delinquent, Incorrigible, Social Misfits, and a list of SOCIAL IMPACT STATEMENTS that really turns into negative Social Stigmas (i.e. stereotypes and miscues for criminalization..).  These type of Social Identifiers add to problems, not necessarily resolve them at the core!  What we see are too many people just re-forming and re-labeling the same problematic, crisis situations over and over again..


     So, we want to nip this in the bud once and for all by acknowledging that all OUR YOUTH ARE SIMPLY ON THE VERGE.  On the verge of choice and decision making opportunities; life changing tasks at hand; and developers of con-SEQUENCES.  This deals with the viccissitudes of life in a youthful spirit that's searching for love, meaning, reason for being, and an identity within the so-call human family.  To express themselves, they often engage in dangerous activities.  This crossroads of being on the verge is a natural, eternal principle rooted and built into all of our lives.


     Even the regular dictionary describes "Verge" as, "..To move or extend in some direction or towards some condition; to be in transition or change."


     We can no longer afford (yes, it's costly) to miscategorize, mishandle and misdiagnose our youth.  In essence, it stunts and retards our overall human growth.


     It's so easy to slip into unjust thoughts and conclusions about our youth, and making them feel as though they are "The Problem" (a problem child); reversing the psychology as if they are The World's Problem, The Family's Problem, The Community's Problem-- and Their Own Problem!  That's how the ill effects of cultural bias and backlash can impress the wrong SOCIAL MESSAGE upon a youthful soul.  This comes with serious con-SEQUENCES stemming directly from causes that often pre-dates the current youth themselves...


     We must never forget nor disregard the fact that "injustices creates imbalances in the mind" and behavior patterns.


     We at ODV refuse to get mad at the lock, especially because the evidence is clear as to 'Why' we should take FULL RESPONSIBILITY towards changing the key(s) we use-- as we EDUCATE and EQUIP ourselves to acquire a master key that properlyunlocks all youth development.


     So, this means that for us to be understood properly we must still learn to communicate, educate, share, cultivate and explain stuff properly.


     No matter what, OUR YOUTH ARE SIMPLY ON THE VERGE, and we at ON DA VERG are forever ready to serve...


-The ODV Family



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Malisha Crump,ED