“Providing Vital Resources For Texas Prisoners, Their Families, And The Children Of Incarcerated Parents."



This feature is designed to package "Vital Resources" for a True Educational Campaign that helps solve the Crises concerning our Nations prisons-- A social institution that effects us all, one way or another.

As a nation (made up of our families), we've (personally and collectively) allowed the United States of America to become the leader of incarcerating its people for unjust periods of time!  We lead the world in mass incarceration!  Mass incarceration has widespread ill-effects upon individual lives, our families & communities, even adverse effects on Nation-State treasury budgets, Taxpayers dollars, Human Resource departments and child protective services (etc.)


We at ODV do not settle for re-forming, re-naming and re-labeling the same old prison problems(s).  We focus on getting to the core root and solving problematic, crisis situations.  In efforts to do this, we Bring Real People together as a Social Network to dialogue, interact, educate & equip ourselves to establish truth and justice in this age of connectivity.


We will not be bias in our services.  Our dedication is to the cause, not the color of skin, status or beliefs of those we serve.  In this educational process we must include prisoners, ex-prisoners, family members, community leaders, government officals and whoever else is concerned.  Far too many people aren't aware of how a prisoner pays his or her debt back to society.  Nor how the Judicial system is suppose to work, or how to get involved in change for the better.


There's a need for a true Educational Campaign for all parties involved and our TEXAS SOCIAL JUSTICE COMMITTEE will help in these efforts.

* The re-entry social mobility platform:                                             the basics of re-entry deals with the physical and psychological transition

from prison life to life in the modern work society.
It also calls for a person to be able to locate and identifynecessary resources for personal developement, social mobility and true progress, it's not just about physically "getting out of prison."
It's about making necessary changes to adapt to what's needed in order to survive and succeed in this modern world, from the in-side out.

* Interview with prisoners & ex-prisoners, particularly because "Experience Speaks" volumes.  Report:There are upwards 70 million Americans with a Criminal Record and approximately 7 million under the control of the Criminal Justice System.

* Current updates & Links Concerning policies, parole, re-entry, laws/legislative issues-- and how to navigate administrative institutions.

* Outreach to the Youth of our Nation in efforts to help stop them from falling into the school-to-prison (to disenfranchisement) pipeline.

* EXTENDED BONDS program to foster Healthy Relationships between incarcerated parents and their children...Report: Between 33 million- 36.5 million children in the United States--nearly half of U.S Children--have at least one parent with a Criminal Record.

* SAVE THE FAMILY INITIATIVES to enhance the Quality of Rehabilitation through family and friends interactivities--while prisoners are incarcerated and preparations regarding re-entry back to society.

* Initiate Crime Redemption programs that really address healing for victims of crime(s), along with healing for prisoners, ex-prisoners, their families & society.