1)  My duty to On Da Verg is to serve its mission without hesitation & excuse!


  2)  As a servant I must serve myself first by becoming a master of the curriculum!


  3)  As a servant I ask no reward for what I do.  The universe is just in its payment for deeds done by the individuals!


  4)  I will serve the target audience and engage every crisis with a positive, clear, and focused state of mind!


  5)  I will not be bias in my service.  My dedication is to the CAUSE, not the color of skin, status, or beliefs of those I serve!


  6)  As a servant of On Da Verg I will serve the image of On Da Verg by maintaining an upright conduct and just demeanor publicly and privately!


  7)  I will serve my assigned post until properly relieved!


  8)  I will not be stingy or selfish in my provisions or property in any cause or service!


  9)  I will not fear loss nor injustice.  I will not swerve from being just and fair, even to those who hate!


10)  I will purify myself, being clean and organized for service!


11)  I will not be bribed nor tricked away from the SITE PSYCHOLOGY of On Da Verg.  I will continue to educate and equip myself to be the best in this mission!


12)  I’m On Da Verg, forever ready to serve!



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