The On Da Verg Organization was founded in 2010 by a group of crisis survivors. Our mission is to educate and equip people in crisis situations with solutions to solve real problems. Our Team has worked diligently to create Solution Based Models to assist people in resolving daily problems.


     On Da Verg also works to bring public awareness and direct people to resources to help with their resolution process. We remain directly involved in educating the general public; especially when it comes to yourth developement, human ailments, food as medicine, the importance of the 3 aspects of the human diet, communication gaps between parents & teens, vital Re-entry resources and a thorough self examination, along with restoring the value of the family unit and restoring community success!

     Though 75% of what we do is on-line, 25% of our work deals directly off-line through our training as Solution Coordinators (i.e. Vergees), and assisting people in real time.  For us, "Real People" are those who have experienced crisis or negative situations and now live to share their knowledge & wisdom with others.  Our "action theme" is to come up with so many possible solutions that a problem is eradicated, totally wiped out...

Our overall goal is to give alternative SOLUTIONS to people who are in critical moments in their lives. We package solutions!  Just think of what it means to be in a PROBLEM PRISON --where a person is incacerated by the elements of their own problems.  You could be living a life out of balance, which must be treated as a life in crisis.  You could be in the wrong relationship or trapped in negative habits. You could be a young male or female about to join a gang. You could be a young adult on the verge of getting involved in crime, or maybe a single parent mother who needs advice & solutions on how to deal with growing youth or teens.  Whatever the situation is, our team of crisis survivors will help you!


Our services universally extend to the whole of humanity, however, we are clear about our target audience: Our system is specifically designed for women ages 17-45; primarily those from low income to lower middle income earning status. Most are single parent mothers struggling to maintain the stability of their homes while raising youth who have become classified as 'At-Risk Youth’ due to social circumstances. The secondary aspect of our (primary) target audience, are the youth themselves, (particularly) ages 12-19.

The world we live in is full of people who are dealing with problems, people just like you who may or may not have any answers in regards to solving these and other problems. People are on the verge of losing it all; losing themselves, their wealth, their relationships, their sons, daughters, friends, relatives (etc). Very often we focus on the problems & help them multiply, but rarely do we envision & experience the solutions.

We are a SOLUTION BASED NETWORK, and we pray that our social network proves to be both resourceful & educational for you. On Da Verg is not just another non-profit organization, it's a MOVEMENT!!!


Board Members:

Donsha' Crump - Founder / Assistant Secretary

Malisha Crump - Executive Director

Shanta Miller - President

Cory Major I - Vice-President

Kayla Miller - Secretary

Kenyatta Sadiki - Director 


For more information please contact us:

Malisha Crump,ED