The On Da Verg.Org family is committed to sharing continuous awareness and doing something about the current/rapidly rising "Bully Crisis". Our social media site provides various looks into the epidemic as our "Experience Speaks" newsletter highlights our national agenda & 10 point program etc.   Our public announcement and power point action plans have also been posted in order to generate the power of the will (i.e. personally & collectively) towards resolving this problem. We make it our business   (business & life activity) to provide so many possible solutions that a problem is totally wiped out!


Here are a few facts of life to re-capture:

60,000 students each day will not even attend school for fear of being bullied.


The threats & beatings take place daily. Every 20-45 min. a youth or teen is victimized by bullies between the hours of 8am - 5pm


Thousands of victims have committed suicide as a result of bullying

Many schools are ill equipped to address the bully crisis in this Nation.


No one can afford to do nothing.


Bystanders who refuse to act, are part of the problem/ not solution.


Bullying in all of its forms is a criminal act.

Bullying has made the learning environment very difficult for youth to learn in, vhich only adds to increase in school dropout rates / or falling grades & performances.


It is just as dangerous as the war on drugs. People are dying!


It's a virus spreading thru many areas of our social dealings/ such as employees bullying employees; supervisors bullying/ etc

We now provide our Solution Based Model as a blueprint to help solve this crisis situation at hand, Everyone, we are in the midst of a social epidemic and your support is evermore needed in raising awareness/ participating & working our solution based model (for resolution) of bullying crisis (bly.m-0101-O10) in your daily life.  Act Now!!! This must be treated as an EMERGENCY!!!

Categorizing The Attributes of The Problem


1. Victim Afraid To Confront Bully

  • Bullies fear confrontation, but most victims do not know this or are just too afraid to do so.
  • Without any self defense, skills, victim may consider deadly weapon as a means of defense & get into deeper problems.


2. Victim Usually Seen As Easy Target

  • Bullies, prey on passive individuals who are isolated from core peer groups
  • Some bullies target victims who have material goods that the bully wants. Usually a group of flunkies will assist in attacks.


3. Bullies Reputation Influences Core Peer Groups on Campus To Become Flunkies of His/Her's

  • People respect bullies cut of fear and move to get an his/her good side;
  • Flunkies join bully to feed off of tine bullies power status
  • Flunkies want a piece of the material booty bullies take from victims. Popular items are: high $ tennis shoes, jewellery & money

4. Victims Fear Being Labelled A Snitch or Coward/ and Will Not Call Out For Help

  • Meet victims are afraid to call for help   because they do not want to be seen publically as a snitch or a Coward


5. Victim becomes isolated/ lonely & suffer extreme depressionTerritory Bully Controls Allows For His/ Her Conduct To Go Unchecked'

  • School campuses are breeding grounds for bullies, especially extended forms of the school campus, such as walking home from bus. stops, and other surrounding areas. People tend to seek out ways to manipulate and dominate one another for various forms of empowerment. Bullies are usually the most physical imposing individuals of the peer group or have external links to physically imposing groups like gangs.

External Factors


  • School campus suitable atmosphere for bullies to thrive- As mentioned, people have natural tendencies to establish ranking systems.
  • Bystanders are usually afraid or could care less that someone is being bullied. Most see it as a form of entertainment.
  • School administrators do not have proper security or class room safe guards in place to deter bullying. Most bullies function under the radar of school campus security
  • Most, parents do not have the experience to look at a child and tell he/she is being victimized


Steps To Resolve Problem


  1. The resolution process is three fold the victim, the parent and school administrators must, collectively address the problem Four fold, if the bully is going to seek treatment counselling for abusive behaviour patterns In some cases, victim and parent may be forced to resolve it alone due to refusal of school administrators to act or bully s parents to get .involved- First step Identify that bullying is taking place See steps-in-motion./ pg. 5
  2. The parent must stop and realize bullying is a crisis and not just some phase their children are going through. Your child could get killed, or in most cases only verbally abused or harassed. The point at hand is your child is a victim of physically threatening and psychological damaging acts against him or her. You must react. See steps-in-rnotion pg.5
  3. Go to your child's school and speak with administrators first. You want to gather the facts of the situation. Force them to investigate
  4. See steps-in-motion pg. 5Based on what you learn at the school, it will be either necessary to contact the law enforcement agency or school district officials. We always wish that school administrators remove the bully from the school and warn all of the flunkies and followers of the bully to refrain from such conduct. Sometimes bullies can be simply disciplined, and that will stop conduct. Unfortunately many schools won’t work with parents; in this case law enforcement must step in and district head officials. The seriousness of this whole issue, is that, a verbal threat is a crime in the State Of Texas:, and is just as serious as a physical act of violence. Must realize that bullying is an act of violence, See steps in motion pg. 5
  5. Do not allow your child to be alone going to or from school , if at all possible.  Bullies and their flunkies seek revenge often. They isolate the victim/ and adds insult to injury. See steps-in-motion pg. 6
  6. It is a good idea to place your child in a self defense class. Listen close... Self  defense is not to learn to be an attacker, it's to learn how to defend one's self
  7. Encourage your child/teen to make new friends. Explain isolation leads to vulnerability. Bullies prey on individuals away from the pack- See pg.  
  8. Communicate with your child/teen and make them understand it's not their fault they're targeted and explain the 5 following facts about bullies :( 1.) Bullies are usually victims themselves of child abuse or troubled, homes, so they need to hurt others to feel a sense of power. (2) May feel threatened by your teen for? (list possible reasons). (3.) ls a thief, criminal, robber who preys OR the ,weak for their nice or expensive goods. (4.) Bullies are crowd pleasers and must exercise violence or create scenes to keep the crowd under his/her influence. It's all about power 1(5.) Underneath, bullies are cowards and fear being exposed, alone or helpless so they act out by appearing tough. It's all an act. Not to say bullies are not stronger or physically imposing.
  9. Express your concerns about bullying in your next school 'PTA' (parent & teachers assoc. ) meeting. Bullying is on the rise and schools need to implement safe guards and parents need to learn how to recognize the signs. Teachers do as well. What are some of the signs:
    • Dull & sullen emotional moods after or before school time
    • Acts of anger cr aggression towards siblings or playmates or regular friends
    • Not Attending school (skipping)
    • A drop in academic scores
  10. Be sure you make public records of your attempts to resolve the issue with teachers school administrators or law enforcement, document your actions.  This is protection on you and your child.  If something bad happens you will be able to file lawsuits.  It will all be recorded.

    • Take your child to see a mental/behavioural counsellor. Just to see if child has suffered any long term psychological damage due to being victimized.  It does not mean your child is crazy!

Follow Up


Always communicate with your child and teachers, even after the incident is over™ As stated in many cases, blowing the whistle on bullies leads to acts of revenge by bully or influenced peer groups. The bully may also belong to a gang- Stay involved!!!!

Books to Read

Relevant Websites

  1. familiesagainstbullying.org
  2. stopcyberbullying.org
  3. stopbullyingnow.hrsq.gov
  4. www.bullypolice.org
  5. teenagersagainstbullying.org

Vital note: All models are color coordinated to provide site (sight, vision) psychology, and deeper aspects into the whole mood, intent, and transformation within Solution Based Models.

Steps In Motion

To Resolve Problem

  1. Every responsible parent or guardian must take it upon themselves to sit down with school administrators to seek direct solutions to address every incident of Bullying that occurs. You begin with the Principal; requesting that the bullies parents or guardian join a conference with the parent and administrator(s) to seek out the best solutions. The key factor here is what's best for the children. Whether it be counselling or placing the violent child in some progressive program or alternative schooling. We must keep in mind at all times the children/youth are the key issue at hand, not the school's image or reputation, nor the status quo of the parents and guardian. In summary, talk to school administrators and demand they listen. If not, contact the school, district heads or local politicians, beginning with City councilmen/women.
  2. Take your child to talk with a professional. To be bullied is similar to being robbed or raped. The child has been victimized and you have a duty to assure no psychological damage has taken place. There are free specialist and affordable ones who will examine your child/youth to assure they're okay.
  3. See #1, adding the importance of speaking with teachers and see if the school has a history of bully attacks/ and is the bully involved in the current incident, a repeat attacker and campus problem. Many schools have a single, negative core bully element (i.e. individual or gang/group of bullies).
  4. Bullying involves several State crimes listed in the Texas Penal Code.
  • sec. 22.07 Terroristic Threat
  • a person commits an offense if he/she threatens to commit any offense involving violence to any person or property with intent to :
  • place any person in fear of imminent serious bodily injury....

22.05 Deadly Conduct


a) a person commits an offense if he/she recklessly engages in conduct that places another in imminent danger of serious bodily injury


We want you, the public, to also know that all forms of physical assault are criminal offenses under State Law, but please look at the following. A lot of bully activity is rooted in the act of gang recruitment.


Texas law reads in Penal Code sec. 22.015:


"Coercing, soliciting or inducing gang membership"


a) In this section:


1) "Child" means an individual younger than 17 years of age.

2) "Criminal Street Gang" has the meaning assigned   by section 71.01


b) A person commits an offense if,   with the intent to coerce,   induce,   or solicit a child to actively participate   in the activities of a criminal street gang,   the person :

1) Threatens the child with imminent bodily injury; or

2) Causes bodily injury to the child


We at On Da Verg.Org urge you to seriously review the facts

especially if school administrators refuse to act.

Your child could get



5. Do not ever allow your child to be isolated in an area where bullies can get to them. For example: Walking home from school many kids are violently attacked. If you know that bullies are present in your child's/youth school environment, take precautions and arrange safe transport of your child to & from school. This may be inconvenient, but it will save your child. You may have to ask that a friend, relative or some other responsible adult assist in the transport, or even walk with the victim. It is your duty to provide safety for your child, not a convenience!


6. The primary tactic of bullies is to instil fear. This is usually done by putting on acts of toughness or by employing a group of flunkies who will do acts to please the peer group headed by the bully. Teach your child/youth to stay away from vulnerable areas at school and anywhere. Also, to ignore trivial comments and activities displayed by bullies. Teach them to see bullies as people who have low self esteem or self worth, and prey on others for a sense of empowerment. Never allow them to see bullies as someone cool, hip or to be copied.


7.School PTA meetings should be your golden opportunity to address the bully crisis we have in America. You will be able to highlight the incidents occuring at your child's/ youth school, as well as educate others on the warning signs we just mentioned in step #9. Speaking out is free and effective!!!!


Follow Up


Never ever assume a problem is finalized. Always re-trace your steps and investigate to assure the problem does not re-occur! It may be good to start a small awareness group with the parents and teachers of your child's school.


Tell 10 people you know, about what you just read.


We at On Da Verg.Org believe in providing so many possible solutions that a

problem is wiped out...