"Feel Good  -  Live Good”

Methods For Experiencing Everyday Life


If I told you I could change the way you feel mentally and physically in less than 10 minutes, would you believe me? Oh, and that is to make you feel better....


Let's See

First, stop and take 10 deep breaths; I want you to see yourself in a joyful mood in your mind, a peaceful mood. Then breathe deeply in, take in all the air (spirit) you can, then exhale. Do this ten times. Think of being happy. Silly as it sounds, just try it. When you finish, go drink a full glass of plain H2O (water). Bless it first. Yes, bless it as that the water be made pure and ask that it be made cleansing to your body/ heart and mind. Now the clock is ticking, goes and tune in your radio to a soft music/ jazz, classical or gospel music station and for the remaining minutes, finish up your water and think of being joyful, happy and at peace. At exactly 10 minutes, you will feel better. If not, you were fighting me even as you read this document. It's okay, at least I got you to think about a better state of mind.


Feel Good - Live Good Methods

For Experiencing Life... What Are They?


If you haven't read anything about On Da Verg. Org, you've missed some great news. We are the pioneers of a new revolution fostering in a problem free lifestyle. Our organization utilizes solution based models to assist people in problematic situations with methods to overcome their problems, but we are much more!!!!


Listen up!, whether you're a new member, volunteer or spectator reading our information for the first time, you must realize that On Da Verg is the premier 'Life Tool' for the new world.


Though composed of many parts, On Da Verg holistically is a completed system for navigating through the complexed and chaotic high tech modern world we reside in. It's a way of thinking and acting that produces a positive response from within yourself & throughout your daily journey in your own sphere of existence. It begins with a DIET!  A diet that consist of food, liquid, people, spirituality and is informative...


At the present second, 80% of the people to 100% of them have no true control over their lives. Why do we say this? Because even your right now have things you want to do and need to do, but cannot do. Mainly you want a better body, a better heart, a smarter and wiser mind. You Mr./Mrs. reader want to be a better, more productive person! If not, then you want to be DEAD!!!!!


The sample exercise I gave at the beginning of this document was a "Stress Killer". Yes, you heard me. I know how to kill and destroy stress. Biblically speaking (Genesis chapter 6), you were given 120 years to live on the earth due to your disobedience. Technically the body was designed to live in this dimension for at least 300 years. Believe it or not 300 years. That's "109,500 days". 365 days per year X 300 years = 109,500 days. Currently you only live by average 75 years or 27, 275 days. Barely over 20% of your capacity:


Why Is This?


Well for starters, 'Stress' kills 35% of your life span. Yes, out of your tiny 120 years, 35% of it will be taken away by stress. 35% X 120 years = 42 years lost to stress. 120 - 42 years = 78 years of life for you. So what is stress? Think about it, do we even know what stress is? Sure, we know it's some negative element, but what is it?


Answer: In layman's terms, stress is an acidic chemical reaction in the body that results from external and internal trauma and pressure on the emotions of human beings. When we worry, fear, grieve, suffer impatience or any pro-longed negative emotion, our body stresses and chemicals are released in the blood stream that have an acidic effect on all the body's organs, brain, heart, liver, sex organs and even our skin (which is the largest organ of the body).


We must stop and realize the 'Self Murder' process we are deeply involved in. You Mr./Mrs. reader are killing yourself daily by inflicting stress upon your body and its organs. Stress eats up cells and that's what you are, a collection of over 100 billion cells. Some will say 60 billion. We beg to differ. There are 12-14 billion in the brain organ alone. On Da Verg. Org is your source of new methods, life tools, life formulas and an. 'Experienced Educator' to change your entire existence. No! We-Are-Not-A-Re-ligion! We repeat, we are not a religion (emphasis added). Keep your religion, it's yours, but we hope to enhance the way you practise your religion, your economic dealings, your work ethic, your relationships with other people and eventually your whole life routine. First we must show you how to kill the stress in your life. If not, everything else is a waste of time. Why? Because stress will not allow you to enjoy life in any true fashion. Sure, you will be able to find temporary pleasure in 'Things' (T.V., game, cigarettes, drugs, entertainment, cars, home, clothes etc, etc... blah, blah, blah). Still, stress will keep you needing a new-fix-over- and over. Sex-may cure stress for a few, minutes .t. hours, ox..even a few days/ but if it's accompanied by stress, it's going to lead to problems.


So here we are. The solution to living a better life is diet. The diet must be stress free!!! Lets repeat this mantra: "The solution for living a better life is diet, and the diet must be stress free". Say it 10 times; 100 times will lock in your mid-term memory. Oh, by the way, this wisdom you're getting should be making you feel better...


What is Diet?


If we were to give you a pop quiz on what constitute your diet / many of you would fail. 99.9% would flunk. How could this be when some of you are specialist in the matter of dieting or on a diet. Some say, "I've lost 50 pounds on my diet", others will say "Look at my body, my diet works". Good for you. But when we ask, "How is your life in terms of happiness; true happiness in terms of job, children, mates, friends, home, etc”? Now we get a new language ---"I want this or that, need this or that, or him or her. Or, I wish this or that would change". Don't be fooled by the money in your bank account, or the new home, new car or new mate. I want you to be sincere, are you truly happy? Not truly content, truly satisfied, but are you Mr./Mrs. reader TRULY HAPPY AND at peace spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally


Go look in the mirror at your naked body. From fact to belly, to feet. Are you pleased? Come on now; be real! Look at your relationships, your mate and is he or her truly making you happy? Your children, are they bringing you peace? Your career, are you where you want or need to be?  If your answer is yes to all of the above, then you are 1 in 1 billion people living in such a life.


Did you know the average person lives with 3-7 problems? Daily they live with 3-7 or more problems. From health issues to their parenting or jobs. 90% of them have no true solutions 'In Mind' as to how they will ever rid themselves of even one of these problems. They find creative ways to avoid them.  Avoiding problems creates a psychological state of living in 'Denial'...


All of this is because they do not know what a diet is...


So what is it?

At On Da Verg diet means:


"Your daily intake of food, liquids, social activity and information. Both spiritual & academic (worldly) information"


Majority of the people in our world restrict their diet to the consumption and regulation of food % liquids. It's so much more.   If you receive nothing else from us/ please allow us to give you some powerful wisdom.

Daily Diet: your diet is actually composed of 3 different types of diets on a holistic level. They are as follows:


1) Food & Liquid Diet

aka 'Physical Diet'. Keep in mind the term 'Food' can also mean "Information" as in divine scripture being spiritual food.


2) Social Activity (emotional diet)

This includes your people association, forms of entertainment, drug or alcohol consumption, habits and even the living environment, school or job place environment. Always remember that there is energy everywhere around you and every 'place' has its own specific frequency of energy. We as human beings take in a portion of whatever energy that is present. "Toxic People" (negative people) are cancerous to our living experience. They eat away at our very potential for happiness, productivity or peace. Social diet also includes your academic education & life skills.


3) Spiritual Diet

this deals with your scriptural and spiritual information intake. It includes association and relationship with spiritual people.

Believe it or not your entire existence is dependent upon these three diets. You should also know that 80% of all disease is directly related to your diet. For many, many years you have lived without this wisdom. Now On Da Verg has come to deliver it to you. No, it's nothing unheard of, but is definitely something not commonly practised. Unfortunately, we cannot give you the entire program in this single document. What we will do is 'Plant A Seed’...


Special note: Please refer to our other informational products, such as our pamphlet 'Is It Stress? '

The Seeds To Grow


Cultivate A New Life

At On Da Verg we have created unique ways of 'Viewing' & 'Responding' to the world. We call it 'Site/Sight Psychology'. It's an in depth methodology to envision the world and all systems active within the world. Actually, we study all laws and systems active in the universe.


We consider ourselves to be in a timeless, spaceless mind state which converts to being On Da Verg i.e. 'On The Verge'. To be on the verge, simply means we are in a constant state of readiness. We are constantly following the frequency of our own sphere of existence, and can decode all movement, sound and symbols we encounter daily.


We have thus deemed ourselves as ‘Vergees’ and also ‘Solution Coordinators’. You will also hear us refer to ourselves as Crisis Survivors/ Real People and even Public Servants.


This said, it is our goal to show people methods that will allow them to experience life in a feel good - live good type fashion daily. The key word here is 'Experience'. When you experience something, your personal self has a chance to draw out the raw substance(s) or vital essence of a situation or even a material object or event. Just saying "I'm living my life is nothing!", but to experience it is something special. Imagine being in a relationship with someone you love and being able to draw out of the relationship every ounce of its substance. Or, to be able to draw out of your children the greatest joy in loving them, their talents and gifts. You should not even utter phrases like “I’m living my own life", if you are not getting the full substance of it on a daily basis. What you and 85% of the world are doing are "Existing". You merely exist. You eat, work, sleep, have sex and pay for entertainment that's usually bland and redundant. You call getting drunk and dancing a good time, and for you it may be. Soon you'll learn you haven't even been dancing until you're able to get to the substance, out of dancing and music!


All of this wisdom constitutes 'Seeds' to cultivate a new life. In closing, we want to give you a few more things...


1) 98% of us do not breathe properly; we unconsciously (due to being in an unbalanced state of being spiritually, mentally, physically, and emotionally) breathe in shorten breath rhythms. Try to focus on full rhythmic breathing. This reduces stress build up.


2) Drink no less than 19 cups of water per day. Try to bless each cup/glass you drink. Seek out pur or a herbal/vitamin based type of water. The hydrogen atom displacement has a positive health effect on your entire spiritual, mental, physical and emotional state of being.


3) Strange as this may seem, you must re-modify your environmental intake. Unconsciously, the 'sound' intake in our daily lives is very hazardous to our health. The people's conversation, the machinery, music even-our cell phones and--other-gadgets produce sound i.e. noise that if not regulated, leads to stress! Your bodies chemistry operates on an electro-magnetic frequency that's 528 hertz. It is a cross between the sound inside of a seashell put to your ear or the ocean, mixed with jazz and classical music. Sad to say, we are bombarded with an 840 hertz and above frequency of sound. This, when not hidden behind commercials, or instrumental overtones, color and other element is like the noise of a jack hammer crossed between scratching finger nails across a chalk board and fire alarm combined. It's all around us and we've grown unconscious to it. We urge you to invoke a strict diet on your music and overall noise consumption. Tune in to jazz, classical or gospel. Avoid listening to any T.V. & Radio commercials. Stop listening to gossip or engaging in any form of negative conversation. Do this for 90 days and you will see an instant change in your mind state.


4) Stop eating red meat or pork period!... It would be best if you could stop all meat, but organically raised poultry, fish and lamb will be okay until you can. If you continue with us you will learn how much poison we put into our bodies daily.


5) Exercise no-less than 15-20 minutes per day. Every part of the body, every single muscle must have its own time for exercise. We call it "Establishing a purposeful and productive relationship with your body".... It is truly the temple!!!!

We ask you to understand that the degree of your life will rest solely on the quality of your diet (i.e. all 3). We at On Da Verg can instantly discover the cause of a specific problem by finding out the state of one's diet. We call it assessment of the internal factors surrounding a person's life.

Thank you for reading these words. Take care of your whole self (spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically).... Holistic health is true wealth!

For more information please contact:


Malisha Crump,ED