3 Affirmations

*        Can I change myself?

Can I assist others in change? 
Can I change the conditions of my environment?


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It's Your Benefit ---

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A New Technology in Crisis Management: Your Life Solution

'We are a modern innovative global brand, in our first growth element! We are giving people the ability to raise their social & personal awareness, connect with their inner spiritual self for a more balanced outer livelihood; to help heal their lives & the lives of others in a holistic fashion and finally/ experience a "LIVE GOOD - FEEL GOOD LIFESTYLE"


ODV thus becomes a way to live and not just a thing you do. It's a way that intertwines with any other healthy and productive life choice or activity/ be it a religious/spiritual obligation or a educational/work or social interaction. ODV is the "ULTIMATE LIFE TECHNOLOGY OF THE 21st CENTURY"…

The benefit of this life solution:


  • To make a proper assessment and valuation of one's current life
  • To be able to make changes in one's family and immediate environment and communities/   especially life enrichment activity to benefit our youth
  • To become equipped & educated on how to live a joyful & holistic-ally healthy life
  • To gain wisdom on how one can enhance the societies social institutions   i.e. schools/   economic sectors, prisons,   health care,   the arts and the over - all function of government
  • To be introduced to problem resolution methods/problem solving skills for one's daily/common problems
  • To learn how to discover and express one's hidden talents
  •  To identify one's purpose and role in the global community