Do Healthy Or Die Unhealthy

It does matter! Why?  ..Because you matter;   you have a value about yourself that just needs to be either --- under stood (by you), expressed or unlocked (by you), restored or simply found (by you). Either way, the potential is there inside of you…

So as we journey into this NEW YEAR, let's also journey into a NEW (healthy) YOU, a NEW (Healthy) US (collectively).It's very important to become more healthy in each area of your life diets: Spiritual, Social and Food/liquid (physical)! Just stop & think: What kind of spiritual intake do you have on a daily basis; is it empowering you to make the right kind of changes in self 1st? What kind of people do you socialize (vibe) with and mingle with throughout your days; what do y'all often share; is it empowering you to make social changes & giving you real networking power & opportunities? What kind of food  & liquid  intake do you have;   are you regularly working on your physical health & getting off your ass to exercise, walk more or do something helpful to your body that will  help you have a better mind-body connection ? No matter what,   it's Do or Die!

There are current articles circulating in newspapers and growing public concern about prisoners getting older in prison and the fact that our health & quality of life/living is deteriorating while we're here.  Many prisoners are just accepting it and becoming slaves to this prison-culture-of-deterioration & other unhealthy habits (i.e.  that many will take back out into society with them).  Plus, many are getting out with no true life skills nor social skills; no alternative ways to self employment and  can't properly function in life period  :  trapped in what ODV has coined, as "Problem Prisons" — meaning,   "Incarcerated by one's own problems",  whether in here or out in society at  large!

Right now,   we are all on the verge of getting better or worse! Nothing  stays the  same!   Either, better or worse!   Each one of your life diets must be paid attention to (by you) and shown love to (by you). Don't neglect the essence of your life and the treasure of value you were born with. We will help you build upon your self worth   (WORK WITH US) and equip the NEW YOU with ways to build up your social currency.   Your SOCIAL CURRENCY has a lot to do with knowing how much you are worth and/or the value of what you have to offer your own life & humanity.   But it  all must be backed  by a solid, and  true value  system, as you arrange the I2 components in an order you see fit: Spiritual, Education, Family, Basic Needs, Basic Wants, Business, Health & Fitness, Financial, Community, entertainment, Home Ownership, Legacy/Retirement.

Respect your 3 life diets! Builds your value system; Do it healthy or Die Unhealthy! It does matter…

3 Affirmations

*        Can I change myself?

Can I assist others in change? 
Can I change the conditions of my environment?


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It's Your Benefit ---

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A New Technology in Crisis Management: Your Life Solution

'We are a modern innovative global brand, in our first growth element! We are giving people the ability to raise their social & personal awareness, connect with their inner spiritual self for a more balanced outer livelihood; to help heal their lives & the lives of others in a holistic fashion and finally/ experience a "LIVE GOOD - FEEL GOOD LIFESTYLE"


ODV thus becomes a way to live and not just a thing you do. It's a way that intertwines with any other healthy and productive life choice or activity/ be it a religious/spiritual obligation or a educational/work or social interaction. ODV is the "ULTIMATE LIFE TECHNOLOGY OF THE 21st CENTURY"…

The benefit of this life solution   :


  • To make a proper assessment and valuation of one's current life
  • To be able to make changes in one's family and immediate environment and communities/   especially life enrichment activity to benefit our youth
  • To become equipped & educated on how to live a joyful & holistic-ally healthy life
  • To gain wisdom on how one can enhance the societies social institutions   i.e. schools/   economic sectors, prisons,   health care,   the arts and the over - all function of government
  • To be introduced to problem resolution methods/problem solving skills for one's daily/common problems
  • To learn how to discover and express one's hidden talents
  •  To identify one's purpose and role in the global community

(Please study each above point & assess yourself in light of them)


ODV also resolves the social infirmities of drug/sex addiction,   food addiction, mental handicaps & spiritual nourishment. The ODV platform is engineered to give everyone the ability to enjoy an exciting, meaningful and productive life --- regardless of where you may physically be on this planet!


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Salt Sugar High Fructose Corn Syrup
Table salt (sodium chloride) is only a few molecules off from being a deadly poison to the body. In its current state its the crack cocaine of our food diet. Highly addictive & those who consume it are unknowingly destroying the bodies natural function. It's a corrosion that spikes the blood pressure, causes oxidized stress to the organs & speeds up aging; eventually it will cause serious disease & death. Should not be consumed. When you're at table just look at how much salt people use!! (Sucrose). The heroin of our diet. Viciously addictive; It numbs the cells function to absorb sugar — causing over secretion of insulin from the pancreas, which causes insulin resistance i.e. pre-diabetes. The average person consumes 34 tea spoons per day or over 63 pounds per year. Eventually they suffer brain & nerve damage/ organ disjunction, rapid aging & serious disease. BEWARE, SUGAR ADDICTION!! (Liquid-crack) is the most consumed storm of toxins in our diet. It not only has all of the effects of regular sugar/ it goes further by using tiny punctures in the stomach/intestinal walls which cause EAKY GUT” syndrome. This causes le & bad bacteria’s to leak out of the stomach/intestinal wall which forces the bodies’ immune system into erdrive. It results in inflammation of gland areas/ joint & lympodes. Quick death. It eats 15-50 years off of normal life span..